About us

While the fashion market, driven by the aspirations of public opinion, tends to rise slowly towards a broader vision of current society, it is our responsibility to be part of this sustainable movement and resolutely turned towards the future, which combines the art of living and the feeling of belonging to society.

In this changing context, it is the innovative and avant-garde spirit of a young French designer passionate about the winter season and urban fashion, the brand enverse was born.

Our collections, refined and minimalist, take from the cuts, the design, and the haute-style of clothing, while giving it a new lease of life, dynamic and pop, with many stylistic details borrowed from urban lifestyle.

Creative and technical capsule, enverse therefore opts to break the codes of an ordinary garment, associated with the cold and the greyness of winter, by offering sparkling and modern styles, carried by bright colors and other phosphorescent graphics.

With a view to constant improvement, our team of experienced designers constantly seeks to innovate through light, insulating materials comfortable materials and using state-of-the-art techniques, which now place the enverse down jacket at the center of urban fashion.

Diving into the enverse universe is therefore to choose quality and know-how in the service of an urban lifestyle & sportswear. For a society that looks, with ambition and passion, to the future.